Safety Goggles / Glasses

High quality imported warp around safety goggles for healthcare, labs and factory workers to protect the eyes from of external elements like, dust & drops particles.

These high performance safety googles can be used in different environments such as woodworking, lab work, mowing, yard work, gardening, medical applications, drilling, grinding, welding etc. People who use prescription glasses can also use these goggles over their glasses without facing any issue with their vision.


  • Anti-fog, anti-spit, anti-dust, anti-impact, eye protection
  • Fully adjustable comfort strap
  • Ideal for Medical and Lab use
  • High optical clarity

Full Face Safety Shield

High quality imported transparent full face safety shields ideal for health care, lab and factory workers for their safety against any fluid and debris.

Light weight, easy to wear with elastic, washable and reusable face shields provide protection and comfort even with prolonged wear. With anti fog material and clear vision these face shields are best for medical, para medical, labs, factories, shopping areas and gatherings to protect your face against direct dust, fluids and small nails and debris.


  • Anti-fog, anti-spit, anti-dust, face protection
  • Easy to wear with comfortable starp
  • Washable and reusable
  • High optical clarity

KN95 Mask

High quality imported KN95 mask with maximum protection against dust, smog, HCHO, droplets, odour and bacteria. Breathable mask with nose pin removes the chances of direct airflow without putting any pressure on nose. Comfortable wearing straps for prolonged wearing.

5 layers of protection, including activated carbon layer, non-woven fabric layer, double electrostatic absorption cotton and soft non-woven fabric layer. Filtration efficiency is greater than or equal to 95%, making you more at ease.


  • Anti-fog, anti-spit, anti-dust, anti pollen, anti odour
  • Efficient filtration
  • Nose pin
  • Comfortable ear loops for prolonged wear

Disposable Face Mask

High quality 3 ply disposable face mask with comfortable ear loops protects from dust and an provides easy and efficient breathing even during prolonged wearing.

Nose pin to adjust the mask on nose to control direct air flow without creating any extra pressure on nose.

Available in packed boxes.


  • 3 Layers protection
  • Anti dust
  • Nose pin
  • Comfortable wearing

Protective Body Suit / Kit

Disposable protective body suit with elastic wrist, ankles and hood covers complete body and provide non porous anti dust ventilation and protects against harm bacteria and other external particles.

Serged seams, attached hood and front zipper closure provide the secure seal protection and comfortable prolonged wearing.

Available in bulk quantities.


  • Elastic Wrist, ankles and hood
  • Zipper to close the suite
  • Protect whole body
  • Comfortable prolonged wear